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Matrix Biolace Extra Oil (92 ml)
Matrix Biolace Fiber Intrcycln Crm (200 ml)
Matrix Biolace Hydrasource Daily Lv In (400 ml)
Matrix Biolace Hydrasource Mask (150 ml)
Matrix Biolace Smoothproof Cream (150 ml)
Matrix Biolace Smoothproof Serum (89 ml)
Matrix Biolace Therm Act Set Spray (250 ml)
Matrix Biolage Color Last Shine Shake (125 ml)
Matrix Biolage Hydra Leave in Creme (8.5 oz)
Matrix Biolage Hydrasource Conditioning Balm V315 (280 ml)
Matrix Color Graphics Lacquer Clear (3 oz)
Matrix Tnt Brush Black No 1
Matrix Total Result High Amplify Hair Spray Lg315 (10.2 oz)
Matrix Total Result Mega Sleek Condition Lg315 (300 ml)
Matrix Total Results High Amplify Foam Volumizer (8.3 oz)
Matrix Tr AM Foam Vol (9 oz)
Matrix Tr AM Hairspray (11 oz)