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Salerm 02 Volume Mouse (300 ml)
Salerm 04 Curl Mousse (297 g)
Salerm 21 Express All in One Silk Protein (143 g)
Salerm 21 Finish Silk Protein (4.22 oz)
Salerm 21 Shampoo Silk Protein (300 ml)
Salerm Argan Mask Mascarilla (50 ml)
Salerm Biokera Argan Mask (200 ml)
Salerm Biokera Argan Shampoo (300 ml)
Salerm Biokera Argan Shampoo (1000 ml)
Salerm Biokera Volumizing Spray (300 ml)
Salerm Kera Liss with Thermo Activated Keratin (0.34 oz)
Salerm Kera Plus with Repairing Keratin (0.34 oz)
Salerm Pro Line 01 Liss Foam Mousse (200 ml)
Salerm Pro Line 02 Curl Foam (200 ml)
Salerm Straightening Gel (7.1 oz)